Nagarahole: No 'elephant'ine task to cross the fence

The photos of this mighty elephant crossing an iron fence are now viral

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An elephant from the Nagarhole National park crushed the notion of 'elephant-proof' fencing being the ideal solution to stop elephants from entering human habitation. When faced with a rail barricade placed to stop its crossing, this jumbo did the coolest thing possible. Crossing it. These images are now viral.

Barricade? What's that?

A wild elephant was caught on camera crossing an iron fence to enter a village adjoining the Nagarhole National park. The elephant's Mr Cool act was caught on camera by an environmentalist. The jumbo crossed a 2-metre-high barricade as if it were no big deal.

That's the way to cross a fence

The photos of the elephant scaling an iron barricade at Veerahosanahalli went viral on Tuesday. The irony of it all? The barricades were erected to keep elephants away. This jumbo seems to have taken that as a challenge.

Tusker takes on a challenge

Any animal lover will tell you that elephants are intelligent creatures. These pictures prove just that. The elephant pretty much laughed in the face of forest officials who hoped that the iron barricades could keep elephants away.

Barricades work at some places

Nagarahole National Park director S Manikandan who saw the pictures said that the animal chose the weakest point of the railing. "The animal has targetted a weak point. There are spots where the undulating terrain sees the barricade height at around eight feet. These weak points can be rectified by increasing the height by one or two feet," he said.

Animal-human conflict a cause of concern

The pictures may come as entertainment to most but they also scream of a very real danger of human-animal conflict. With rapidly decreasing forests, animals are venturing into ever-expanding human habitations posing a threat to both.

A tusker's trick

The elephant that walked from the forest is seen strategically crossing the barricade in the pictures. One step at a time, the jumbo, as if it came naturally to him, quietly lands on the other side of the fence in perfect balance.

Forest department wakes up

Taking note of the weak points in the railings, the forest department has now decided to reinforce the barricades. In an attempt to ensure the safety of animals and human beings in the vicinity, the forest department is likely to increase the height of the barricades.

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