Revealed: Reason behind Muzaffarnagar riots -- sexual harassment?

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Muzaffarnagar riot
Lucknow, Sept 17: Days after the horrible Muzaffarnagar riot, which left 44 people dead and many injured, people in the affected area started revealing real incident which had triggered violence in the region. According to media reports, it was not a video but an incident of sexual harassment of a teen allegedly incited riot.

NDTV reported that a 17-year-old girl was stalked and harassed by a Muslim boy who was identified as Shahnawaz, a resident of Kawal village. Later the girl's brother and a relative had beaten Shahnawaz to death. Soon, a group of Muslims allegedly had attacked and killed the duo within 45 minutes of Shahnawaz's death on Aug 27.

According to media report, death of these three people triggered riot between the Hindu Jats and Muslims. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav met the girl on Sunday, Sept 15. The girl reportedly had handed him a letter where she revealed the tale of her side.

17-year-old girl was stalked and harassed by a Muslim boy

Earlier it was reported that a controversial video, which showed how a group of men had brutally killed a boy, had triggered violence in Muzaffarnagar. The video, which was circulated in social networking sites and through mobile phones, reportedly was shot either in Afghanistan or in Pakistan. However, it was circulated in the sensitive area stating that it was shot in Muzaffarnagar.

The two-year-old video was downloaded from YouTube and was circulated widely in Muzaffarnagar and its adjoining areas and allegedly incited people who indulged in riot.

Meanwhile, UP government submitted a report in the Supreme Court stating about the total loss that the state faced due to the riot. The report says, "There are 26,909 stranded persons in Muzaffarnagar and 14,920 in Shamli."

"In these incidents, people from both communities were killed and several people were injured. In these incidents, the families of such persons were targeted who were residing in those areas in limited numbers. Their houses, places of worships were subjected to arson, damage and demolition," added the report.

The report also says, "As a result of these incidents, villages having low population constituted 31 villages in Muzaffarnagar and 23 in Shamli, where the people left their villages due to violence, and in 40 villages in district Muzaffarnagar, people left out of fear, and they took shelter in such villages where their numbers were more."

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