Uniform Civil Code: Modi starting internal war to hide his failures, says Muslim Law Board

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New Delhi, Oct 13: The Muslim Personal Law Board has warned of "an internal war" over the Uniform Civil Code issue, accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi of triggering a potential conflict to hide his government's failures.

All Muslims will respond. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has triggered an internal war in this country, the All India Muslim Law Personal said today.

Modi starting internal war to hide his failures, says Muslim Law Board

The strong comments came after the board rejected a questionnaire circulated by the Law Commission that sought a public opinion on Uniform Civil Code.

The chief of the board, Wali Rehmani who addressed the media said that the Muslims will boycott the law commission's questionnaire. He also added that UCC is violative of the Constitution and also the right to religion.

[The Law Commission Questionnaire]

An agitated Rehmani accused the Modi government of trying to cover up its failures of the past 30 months.They are not able to protect the borders and appear to be fuelling internal srtife instead,he said.

He also accused the government of trying to impose a single ideology in the country.On October 7 the law commission released a questionnaire which included 16 questions on the relevance of the UCC.

The questionnaire was circulated in the backdrop of the Supreme Court hearing a petition on abolishing triple talaq.

The centre in an affidavit had backed the abolishing of this practise. The centre had also said that thispractise is not an integral part of Islam.

He also goes on to add that UCC is not good for the nation which has so many cultures. Each of these cultures need to be respected he added.

The government must learn to respect the multiplicity of cultures, he also added. We live in a country with an agreement held by the Constitution.

While stating that they would not accept the UCC at any cost, the board chief said that it is the Constitution that has made us live and practice our religion. Reshmani also said that the law commission was doing illegal work.

In the USA there are states with their own personal law and they are functioning well. Why should anyone have a problem with personal laws,he asked.

Stating that these moves were meant to attack Muslims, he said that the participation of Muslims in the freedom struggle of India were underestimated.

While backing the concept of triple talaq he also said that Hindus have a higher rate of divorce.

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