Mumbai police preparing list of black sheep within the force

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Mumbai, April 30: The Mumbai police department is in the process of preparing a list of black sheep within the force in order to prevent its image from deteriorating further, City Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria said on Wednesday.

"We have begun preparing such a list as well as a work ethic for our police officers and other performance standards," Maria said. "The list would be based of issues like integrity, moral turpitude, womanising, alcoholism as well as drug abuse by police personnel," he said.

'Black sheep' is under scanner'

Informing that the responsibility of chalking out such a list has been given to the heads of various units, he added, "This list would be finalised by the end of May and it would help us to identify black sheep within the force".

"Whosoever's name enters the list, he or she would not be given sensitive posts which would involve direct contact with the public. Rather, they would be given side postings such as in special branches or local arms divisions," Maria told reporters.

However, he refused to reveal the rank of officers, who would not be brought under the ambit of this list. He said that preparation of such a list is an annual exercise, but this year it would be implemented in letter and spirit.

Replying to a question whether there was no other way to reform such personnel within the police force, Maria said, "First and foremost, the important thing is to identify such people. Only after that can you can initiate the reformative process. Preparing this list of black sheep is the first step, which we have taken in this process," he said.

Mentioning that such a list would have a dual benefit, he said, "We will keep them out of public contact that would stop the image of the Mumbai police getting maligned further. Secondly, this would be in our records to take reformative measures to improve their work ethics".


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