Mulayam’s daughter-in-law backs death penalty for rape

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Mulayam's kin wants death for rapists
Lucknow, April 18:  Unlike her father-in-law Mulayam Singh Yadav, daughter-in-law Aparna Yadav (wife of younger son Prateek) is of the opinion that rapists should be hanged to death. In an interview with News18, she said,"Netaji is right in saying that death penalty is being debated around the world. But, as a woman, my personal view is that if the accused has been found guilty of rape, he should be hanged."

In an earlier statement, Milayam Singh Yadav had said in a Moradabad on April 11 that capital punishment for rape should be opposed. He said,"ladke, ladke hain... galti ho jati hai (boys will be boys... they commit mistakes)", drawing the criticism of the opponents.

Following this, the Election Commission had also sought an enquiry into the matter and sought a detailed report on the controversial remark by the SP leader.

Meanwhile, Aparna checked her words and defended her father-in-law saying that his words have been misinterpreted, admitting that his choice of words was inappropriate.

"I think his comments were misinterpreted. As rape is a sensitive issue, his choice of words were probably wrong but if one reads his comments in entirety, the meaning is very clear. He meant rapists should be punished, but at times innocent people are also implicated in rape cases which shouldn't happen."

She also called Mulayam a pro-woman leader who encouraged Dimple and her to enter politics. "Netaji has even appointed a DIG level officer and an entire team for redressing grievances of women in UP. No other party has taken such an initiative for women," she said.

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