Modi seen as crusader against corruption, reveals survey

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to be winning not only elections but also the battle of perception, when it comes to taking on corruption. A survey of over 20 states has revealed that only a fifth of the public believes that the Modi government is not commited at all towards reducing corruption in public services.

Modi seen as crusader against corruption, reveals survey

The prime minster who came to power on the back of mass support following the previous UPA governments corruption stained stint, has the full belief of 40 per cent of people that his government is commited to fighting corruption while another 40 per cent believe that it is to some extent.

The survey was conducted by Centre for Media Studies and covered 3000 people from both rural and urban areas. And the Union government's standing on the issue was better than any state's government.

Away from perception, nearly one-third of the households experienced corruption in public services at least once during the last one year compared to around 53 per cent that admitted to the same during a similar study in 2005.

But unlike their opinion on Modi's commitment and actual experience, 43 per cent of the households across India felt that the level of corruption has increased during the last one year compared to 2015, while nearly one-fourth felt that it has remained the same as before.

Modi who has talked about fighting corruption to be one of his main targets, had taken a major decision on November 8 last year, when he announced that the currency notes of Rs 1000 and Rs 500 in circulation at the time, nearly 86 per cent of the currency, would seize to be legal tender in an attempt to remove black money and tackle corruption.

What came to be known as the Demonetisation exercise, found support among the people who were contacted during the period between November 8 and December 31,when the excercise was underway, with 56 per cent saying corruption had come down during the period, while 21 per cent said it remained the same and 12 per cent believing it to have increased.

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