Modi, Rahul @ UP: Who won the verbal duel?

Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi locked horns in Uttar Pradesh, levelling allegations against each other. Modi accused opposition of stalling Parliament, while Rahul targeted Modi over demonetisation.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi engaged in a war of words during their rallies in different parts of Uttar Pradesh on Monday. Modi attacked opposition parties for not allowing Parliament to function in the winter session, while Rahul alleged that the prime minister's decision of demonetisation was done to favour rich and elite.


Addressing a parivartan rally in Kanpur, Modi said that the opposition have come together to save the corrupt, adding, "That is why they are not letting Parliament to work. They throw papers on the speaker and such an act is even not done in municipality."

Speaking at 'jan akrosh rally' in UP's Jaunpur, Rahul alleged that poor are reeling under cash crunch and demonetisation had broken the back of daily wage earners.

"The Switzerland government has given a list of those accounts in which black money is deposited. Modi has the list but is not exposing it as it will be a blow to his friends," media reports quoted Rahul.

Last week, Rahul had claimed that he has information on the "personal corruption" of PM Modi. He had said he wanted to make that revelation in Parliament, but was not allowed to speak.

The BJP, however, dubbed Rahul's claim as "joke of the year" and dared him to reveal the information. Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan even said that no one takes Rahul seriously.

The Winter Session of Parliament was literally a washout with frequent disruptions over the demonetisation issue. The opposition frequently stormed the well of the House and accused the government of not allowing them to speak over the issue, while the ruling party maintained that opposition was more interested in creating ruckus than discussing the issue at hand.

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