Modi government crushing voices of dissent: Ghulam Nabi Azad

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New Delhi, June 6: The Congress on Tuesday attacked Modi government over its performance in the last three years, calling it a "hero on TV and zero on the ground".

Briefing reporters after a meeting of the Congress Working Committee, senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad said that "the government had failed to fulfill its promises to various sections, including the youth and farmers. He alleged that government machinery was being used to silence voices of dissent.

Ghulam Nabi Azad

"Reffering to CBI searches on Monday at the house of NDTV network's co-founder Prannoy Roy Azad said that even the media which does not toe the government line, how it has been dealt with, we saw on Monday, we were seeing shamelessness. People have vanished with thousands of crores of bank money, what happened in Rs 50 crore that the government got rattled?" Azad said.

The CBI had registered a case against Roy, his wife Radhika, a private company and conducted searches at his south Delhi residence and his house in Dehradun for "loss of Rs 48 crore to ICICI Bank".

Taking a dig at NDA government, Congress President Sonia Gandhi said that whatever the success the BJP government has scored has come from the programmes started by UPA.

Sonia Gandhi, who chaired the Congress Working Committee meeting said that "the three years of Narendra Modi government was only good at repackaging the old schemes, which were started by Congress. But even there, they have abandoned the social welfare under pinning of all that we had sought to achieve and failed to provide any benefit to the poor and deprived."

The Modi government completed three years in office.Where there was harmony, there is discord. Where there was tolerance, there is provocation. Where there was relative calm in Kashmir, there is growing confrontation, tension and fear. Where there was economic potential, there is stagnation, there is a brazen campain to straight-jacket the whole country into a regressiveand narrow minded world view.

The Government's experiments and policies are charecterised by poor planning and shoddy implementations. They have been disastrous for our social and economic fabric. If we just look at demonetisation, which was touted as a great success. Till today, the government refuses to disclose how much of the demonetised currency in circulation was actually returned to the banks. It isn't that Reserve Bank of India has forgotten to count the money, the numbers actually show the scheme was a disaster.

Further she said that it is not just demonetisation. Make in India has failed to create jobs or employment. Unemployment rampant. Farmers are in distress. Worst of all, women, dalits, adivasis, minorities and other oppressed people are being whipped up and there is an assault on food habits of the people. The crisis in Kashmir has come to represent the colossal failureof this government.

On Presidential polls she said that "in times as these, it is even more essential that those who occupy august office should protect constitutionWe have met leaders of like-minded parties to find commoly acceptable candidates for these high offices. A Sub-group of representatives has been constitueted to take this forward."

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