Modi and Obama: leaders with much in common

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Modi and Obama
Washington, May 26: Narendra Modi and Barack Obama have much in common as both leaders rode to power on the slogan of "hope and change" and they are the two most popular politicians on the social media.

Modi, 63, who was sworn in as India's 15th Prime Minister, used modern technology and social media tools to change the face of election campaigning like Obama. The two are also the two most popular politicians on the social media.

It is during this election campaign that Modi outnumbered other global politicians to be the most liked politician in the world after Obama.

Modi is also fast catching up with Obama on Twitter. Modi started his day by visiting Rajghat and it is a well-known fact that Obama is an avid follower of Mahatama Gandhi.

Very few people know that there is a picture of Obama and a Gandhi bust in the Oval Office of the White House. Like 52-year-old Obama, Modi too is a great advocate of climate change and adopting technologies that address the dangers posed by the global menace to the world. As the Gujarat chief minister, Modi pioneered India's first incentives for large-scale solar power in 2009.

While Obama has been emphasising on building infrastructure of the country – from road, bridges and ports to airports – Modi too has promised to his nation that this would be the top priority of his government.

Like Obama, he too has promised to bring in an era of transparency and accountability of the top executive office of the country. As part of this, Obama has made massive use of internet and IT technology to put on the World Wide Web real time data of government expenditure and projects.

Modi during his election campaign had promised to use IT and internet to not only bring in transparency in his governance, but he said he believes that this would help in addressing the issue of corruption in a big way. After receiving a historic victory on May 16, Modi has indicated restructuring the government and making it lean and thin.

Obama after becoming the US President in January of 2008 has worked hard to restructure the US government, which also includes reducing the work force in many cases. Obama has stressed on the importance of diplomats donning on the role of being CEOs to sell the country's products worldwide and bring in foreign direct investment.

During his election campaign, Modi has emphasised on the important role that a diplomat can play in achieving the economic goals of the country. During his campaign, Modi spoke about the importance of tourism in enhancing the country's economy.


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