Missing MH370: Hyderabad techie gets a clue, uploads satellite image

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Malaysian Airlines
Hyderabad, March 19: When almost the entire world is struggling to crack the mystery over missing Malaysian flight MH 370, a techie from Hyderabad seems to have got a breakthrough in the case.

29-year-old Anoop Madhav Yeggina, an IT professional working with a software company in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, uploaded a satellite image and claimed it was the image of the missing flight.

While searching images of DigitalGlobe Satellite QB02, Anoop had found a satellite image of a large aircraft flying very low above the Andaman Islands on March 8. He believes the image, which he has found, is the Boeing 777 of Malaysian airlines. He uploaded the image on CNN site on March 14.

In a write-up, Anoop wrote, "I am confident that the image is that of the missing plane because of many reasons. First giveaway is the fact that the image was captured just above a forest and very close to the Shibpur air strip of Andaman Islands."

"The air strip is exclusively used by the defence forces with no permission for civilian aircraft in this area. A close look at the image will reveal if it is flying extremely low so much so that the clouds are above it which suggests it was done to avoid detection by radar. Most importantly, the standard scale measurement and colour of the missing plane matches with that of the plane in the image," he added.

The Malaysian flight with 229 passengers has been missing since over ten days. Total 26 countries including India have been investigating the case and came up with several theories highlighting the chance of being a case of plane hijack.

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