Miracle in medical history: When ‘Genetically male’ gave birth to twins

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Lucknow, Feb 9: In what could be termed as 'miracle in the medical history', a 32-year-old ‘Genetically male' woman has given birth to twins . The doctor who has shaped this miracle in the Meerut hospital said that it is equivalent to 'a male giving birth to children'.

Reportedly, woman had least chance to conceive as she had male chromosome and her reproductive organ (ovaries which produces ovum) were also non-functional. Moreover, she had never experienced menstruation and puberty till she received this happiness in her life.

‘Genetically male’ gives birth to twins

Only silver lining in the story was that woman had uterus which was in infantile stage.

Though it was difficult to promise that lady will get maternal bliss, but doctors Anshu Jindal and Dr Sunil Jindal decided to give it a try.

While narrating the incident, doctor who achieved this extraordinary feat said,"During examination, we found that she had male chromosomes (46+XY) instead of female chromosomes (46+XX). We treated her and used the IVF technology to help her bear children. Throughout the pregnancy period, she was kept under our observation and on Friday, she delivered twins.".

Even other eminent doctors have acknowledged that this is 'rarest of rare' case in the medical history.

"It is indeed a rare development. Even in normal females, assisted reproduction has a success rate of only 35-40 per cent while this case pertained to a woman with no history of a menstrual cycle, making a successful pregnancy all the more challenging", Neena Malhotra, AIIMS doctor said.

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