Minor raped and pushed into well; survived 15-hour ordeal before rescue

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Bhilwara (Rajasthan), July 21: A 17-year old minor girl was raped by her neighbour and pushed into the well in Rajasthan. She reportedly survived by hanging on to a ledge for 15 hours till help arrived. She was assaulted when she went to work in a field. She was then taken to a well and pushed in an attempt to kill her.

She was found hanging in the well when a passer-by heard her crying for help. Her assaulter is missing, but the police has booked him for rape and attempt to murder. She could not be heard the entire night because of heavy rains. Trying to stay afloat, she held on to a motor installed inside the well.

"I was in the water the whole night. Then people took me out," the girl said. Her screams could not be heard through the night because of heavy rain at the time.

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