Manipur violence: Why is the state burning?

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Imphal, Sept 1: Manipur's Churachandpur town was burnt last night after violent protestors set ablaze houses of law makers opposing three bills that were passed in the assembly. The bone of contention is the bill that seeks to regulate the entry of outsiders in the state through a permit.

The police say that the bill were passed in the assembly and the protestors were upset that none of the legislators opposed the same in the assembly yesterday.

Why is Manipur burning?

Objection to Manipur Land Revenue & Land Reform Act

The bone of contention was the Manipur Land Revenue & Land Reform Act (7th amendment bill of 2015). The contention is that the bill will only ensure that the tribals will lose their lands. The protestors say that the tribal areas are now off limits for the non-tribals.

The bill will now make the tribal areas accessible to all. The ones to suffer would be the tribals, Kukis and Nagas as they would end up losing land. The bill aims at setting 1951 as a base year to identify non-indegenous people.

These people are considered to be outsiders by the protestors. As per the amendment passed in the Manipur assembly yesterday, those who have settled in Manipur prior to 1951 can have property rights.

The protestors say that many do not have exact records of when they settled in these areas. This would ideally mean that they will have to give up their land and leave.

Restrict entry of outsiders

The protestors were also questioning the bill which allows entry of non-tribals or outsiders. The protestors say that this will only lead to snatching away of land. The protestors say that the Nagaland model should be in force where the entry of outsiders is restricted or regulated.

Manipur has been witnessing protests on the issue of Inner Line Permit System. They have been seeking regulating the entry of outsiders while adding that if no action is taken then it could lead to the loss of jobs and opportunity in Manipur.

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