Mangaluru: Technical glitch forces MIG 29 K to make emergency landing

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A MIG 29 was diverted to Mangaluru airfield following a hydraulic emergency on Tuesday evening, said the Navy.

MiG fighter at Mangaluru airport

The aircraft experienced a tyre burst during landing, making it unable to clear off the runway. A Navy spokesperson added that efforts are underway to rectify the aircraft and clear the runway.

The aircraft developed problems during a routine training sortie and another MIG 29 K fighter aircraft had escorted it when emergency landing was required.

MiG fighter at Mangaluru airport

Air traffic was disrupted temporarily at the Mangaluru airport due to emergency landing of the Naval fighter. Navy spokesperson claimed that efforts were on to clear the runway and restore services at the airport.

The runway has remained shut since 5 pm when the naval fighter had to make an emergency landing. All flights to Mangaluru have been diverted for now and operations will resume after the runway has been cleared.

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