Mamata Didi in utter panic, losing grip over Bengal

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Mamata Didi in utter panic, losing grip over Bengal
Kolkata: Election 2014 saw a tectonic shift in West Bengal politics. Even the political pundits were stunned by the BJP's score of 17 per cent vote-share as against only 6 per cent in 2009. For the first time, the BJP won two Lok Sabha seats in the State. BJP's success in the Trinamool Congress stronghold proves that the ruling party is slowly losing its grip in the State.

After registering a jump in its vote share, it seems the BJP is emerging as main opponent for the ruling TMC in the State. And guess who is helping them grow, its none other than Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee herself. TMC supremo is so obsessed with the BJP that everyday taking a pot shot at the party she says something or the other.

The rise of BJP has been so fast in the State that now Didi detects BJP's hand behind every incident, from the the murder of a jute mill CEO in West Bengal to killing of her party supporters in the State.

Rise of BJP has left Mamata Banerjee in utter panic and fear


The recent turn of events and specially bonhomie with the Left also shows that the TMC is scared of losing its foothold in West Bengal.

The recent meeting between Mamata Banerjee and a 12-member Left delegation led by CPM's Biman Bose, points towards a nexus between the two ideologically different parties to fight a common adversary.

Mamata Banerjee was also quoted as cautioning the Congress about the rise of the BJP in Bengal when she said, "I am telling you (Congress), your political existence is at stake."

The Left Front chairman Biman Bose led a 12-member delegation to CM Mamata Banerjee to discuss about the poll-related attacks on their cadres. But instead of resolving the issue Banerjee said that the Left leaders should not complain rather they should learn how to manage their flock. By the end of the meet Bose realised that they did not discuss anything about the political violence in the State rather the main issue of discussion was how to keep Narendra Modi out of Bengal.

Throughout the meet she also tried to indicate to Bose and his comrades that the BJP was their common enemy. During the meet she also urged the CPM to prevent the members of Left parties from switching their allegiance and joining the BJP.

With the BJP emerging as a major political force in Bengal, Mamata is trying to make common cause with the Left parties in a bid to check the surge of BJP. It seems that Banerjee has realised the groundswell support for the BJP and has thus called for a truce with the Left parties who were decimated in the recent Lok Sabha poll.

The rise of BJP has left Mamata Banerjee in utter panic and fear. The party whom Mamata thought to be a minnow is now getting her continuous attention. Mamata instead of working for the development of the State is busy planning counter strategy against the rising BJP.

Law and order in the State has taken a severe beating and hooliganism of TMC workers is coming out in open with every passing day. The Government has failed to curb growing violence and sexual harassment against women. It's high time for people of West Bengal to think beyond Trinamool and Left and decide whom to vote for.

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