Mamata Banerjee: Have to work a lot more, but time is short

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Mamata Banerjee
Kolkata, March 5: Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal speaks of the challenges India faces and how that could be curbed. Compares the developments in West Bengal visa vie India.

She pointed that the GDP growth rate in West Bengal was much higher than what is portrayed in India. She appreciates the work of her party members saying that they have been working relentlessly and silently to address the challenges that the state is facing-some of them being population, GDP, employment, etc.

8:07 pm: PM can be anyone, but the country needs policies that are economy-friendly, people-friendly, she said. Do not believe in hypocritic politics. If you do not know the grassroot, you do not know anything about the people. Leave your seats and speak to the people.

Industrial growth in West Bengal is double to that of the Centre.

8:15 pm: Speaks on Anna's support for him. "Was overwhelmed with his blessings and support", she said. On asking whether Anna asked her to join hands with Arvind Kejriwal, she reacted rather aggressively saying,"I do not have any comments for a party that I do not know."

8:22 pm: Speaks of the difference between Maoists and Naxals. Mamata said that Maoists are unpardonable, but Naxals had a mission and a vision and work with their brains and not with weapons. Many Naxals are a part of the party.

Maoists are changing their ways and we should support them with policies that will help them change their minds and their ways. For example, we are providing money, loan, ration for the Maoists and their families so that they change their minds.

8:26 pm: Development is not exclusive, its inclusive of men and women. "I am a woman but I work for all. We have to be human beings first, not a man or a woman."

8:30 pm: Commenting on her hate-love relations with politicians she said,"there is no medicine for jealousy. On a human level, I maintain good relations with all politicians, but politically they hate me."

8:32 pm: We are pro people, even if the Centre discourages by saying that I am alone from my party in the Parliament. "I do not care. I will continue to work for the people."

8:35 pm: Singur was a victim of land acquisition. It is not against Industrial development. West Bengal has a land bank now that sells the industrialists. Moreover, this is eco-friendly and does not tamper with the ecology.

8:40 pm: Banking investment in Gujarat is 50% and WB is 109%. No state can be compared. But Gujarat model is not the be all and the end all.

Women empowerment in West Bengal is 26%.

8:42 pm: Encouraged youth to join politics, Speaks of a youth bank to help them find jobs here and not outside the country. "Unless you work for the nation, there would not be any change of vision, ideas."

8:43 pm: On TMC strengthening outside West Bengal, she said "Our plus point is our credibility and accountibility, our minus point is money. I cannot launder money like other political parties. I urge honest people to come and join us."

8:55 pm: West Bengal is the first state to include 45 women fast track courts. Rapes are happening, but we have to consider that women were hesitant in lodging cases. But now things are different." Social awareness is also required.

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