Malda violence: There is more than what meets the eye

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Malda, Jan 13: The violence that erupted in Malda, West Bengal will need a thorough probe. On Jan 3 violence erupted at Kaliachak, Malda district when a procession to condemn an alleged hate speech made in Uttar Pradesh went out of control.

A BJP and a CPM delegation were stopped from visiting the troubled spot on the ground that prohibitory orders were in place.

Malda violence

Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamta Banerjee made it clear after the incident that there was no communal clash, but the violence was a result of a clash between the security forces and those taking out the procession.

Is that all there is to the Malda violence?

There is more than what meets the eye:

First and foremost the alleged hate speech was made over a month back. While the procession was being taken out to condemn the hate speech, there are question marks on whether it could have turned violent especially since it was a protest against incident that occurred over a month back.

The Malda violence is a result of two incidents clubbed together. The Union Home Ministry, which met with a delegation of the BJP, has not assured anything as of now, but there is likely to be a probe.

Sources say that the violence is a result of provocation by an outfit known as the Edara-e-Sharia and also the drug mafia which wanted to burn down case files present in the police station.

The BJP has blamed the Edara-e-Sharia for the violence. This outfit, which is Patna based, wanted to spread communal tension in West Bengal ahead of the elections.

They had been distributing pamphlets in a bid to incite tension, the BJP has alleged.

While this is one angle that would be probed, the other is relating to the drug mafia. It is a well known fact that there is a lot of opium that is produced in Malda.

It is a thriving business and is handled by a very powerful drug mafia. The local police had filed several cases against these drug dealers who are also connected with the arms mafia that operates along the Indo-Bangladesh border.

The version of the local police is that the procession turned violent because it was the drug mafia that staged it.

It was very obvious because they targeted a police station which had records against them. The local police say that they believe that this is the primary reason for the violence.

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