'Maharaj ki chitthi' is the magic wand in Yogi Adityanath's janta durbar

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People in Gorakhpur swear by a piece of paper to end all their problems. From train ticket confirmations to free medical help, from admission in colleges to getting files cleared, all that the people of Gorakhpur need is a letter from 'Maharaj'. Yogi Adityanath's 'chitti' works like a magic wand. Scores of people make a beeline at the Gorakhpur math every day between 9 to 11 AM during Yogi Adiyanath's 'janta durbar' to get the 'magic chitti' that ensures their problems are a thing of the past.

'Maharaj ki chitti' is the magic wand in Yogi Adityanath's janta durbar

Cutting across caste, religion and community lines, people of Gorakhpur claim that as head priest of the mutt and their MP, Yogi Adityanath has always ensured that their pleas are heard and problems are solved. While Yogi signs and issues the letters himself when he is Gorakhpur, his representative, Dwarika Tiwari does it in his absence. Whether he is present or not, the letters are doled out.

"It does not matter who the chief minister is. This letter does the job for whoever comes here. Here, you are not told to come back tomorrow, the day after. Officials do not disregard what Maharaj says," Shamsher Alam, one of the beneficiaries told the media. He was in line to get a recommendation letter to get a confirmed train berth to Delhi. The letter was to be sent to the railway officials.

Another quote in the same report claims that people seek the 'magic chitti' to get their names enrolled in Haj pilgrim quota. "Some time ago, we had come here seeking resolution of a dispute over some land belonging to a mosque, which was being encroached upon. It was resolved by Maharaj," Chaudhary Kaiful Waraq is quoted as saying.

Whatever the problem and whichever the office or official, one letter is all that people of Gorakhpur trust. A letter that comes directly from behind Yogi Adityanath's desk. The 'magic chitti' is proof enough of the clout that the current Chief minister of Uttar Pradesh enjoys in his turf.

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