Maha polls: Appeasement politics no more impresses Muslim community?

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Muslims constitutes of 11 per cent of total population in Maha
Unlike the previous trends, the Muslim community in poll bound Maharashtra will vote for development in the ensuing Assembly polls. The community which has traditionally voted for the Congress and its allies, has now decided not to go with any particular party this time but to vote on the development issue.

According to a report in Firstpost, the Muslim community will vote for candidates who have good connect and rapport with the community.

"It does not matter whether the candidate is from Shiv Sena or BJP. If they are working to resolve our issues, we will vote for them," a person belonging to the Minority community was quoted as saying in the report.

The report said that many in the community from Malegaon, Dhule and the adjoining areas think that the basic issues like education, health need to be given more importance.

The Muslim community forms a significant percentage in the State. It constitutes of 11 per cent of the total population in Maharashtra and plays a definitive role in shaping the poll outcome in certain constituencies.

The community said that it will even go with BJP or Shiv Sena candidates who have addressed their issues.

A person from the community has been quoted as saying, "So, many Muslims are supporting BJP and Shiv Sena candidates and will vote for them irrespective of their party. It's because they have worked for the community's development."

Since long time, the Muslims have been voting for the Congress and its allies, but the Lok Sabha elections saw a paradigm shift. The Muslims voted for development and not on the name of party or candidate.

"We have been emotionally exploited by the Congress and NCP. Now, everyone is thinking about the development of the community for the bright future of their children," a minority community member was quoted as saying in the report.
The Muslims are not happy with the ruling Congress-NCP alliance in the State. They are extremely disturbed by the policies of the Congress. There is growing feeling that the alliance did nothing expect unfulfilled promises.

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