Lucky escape: Shatabdi express runs for nearly 8 km with a broken wheel !

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Lucky escape: Shatabdi express ran 8 km with a broken wheel !
New Delhi, Nov 11:The passengers in Ajmer-bound Shatabdi Express from New Delhi had a miraculous escape on Monday after the superfast train ran for nearly 8 km at 110 km per hour on a broken wheel !

An India News report said that there were nearly 300 passengers, including foreign tourists, in the Shatabdi Express.

The incident was brought to notice at Bobas railway station by gateman, Kaluram, said the report. the gateman noticed smoke coming out of the area near the wheels, as the train was crossing the station at around 11 am. As he suspected something wrong, Kaluram immediately informed the station master, says the report.

The train had already moved from Bobas station and it was stopped at Asalpur Jobner railway station. Engineers and others officials checked the parts and it was found that the half part of a wheel attached to its Generator Car Van was broken !

The damaged wheel was replaced at Asalpur Jobner railway station. The report added that the Railways has formed a panel to look into the incident and the alleged safety lapse.

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