Lottery scam: CBI probe yet to take off

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Bengaluru, June 26: It has been a month since the Karnataka government handed over the investigation into the lottery scam to the Central Bureau of Investigation. However till date there has been no progress in the investigation and the same appears to have reached a dead end.

Sources tell OneIndia that till date the files regarding this case have not moved and the CBI is yet to take a decision on whether to go ahead with the probe or not.

Lottery scam: Will CBI take up probe?

The CBI is currently busy with the probe into the D K Ravi case and may wait for it to be completed before it looks into the lottery scam, the source also informed.

CBI yet to take a decision

While the Karnataka government has the power to hand over the case to the CBI, it is the agency which will take a final call on the matter in consultation with the Home Ministry. So far no decision has been taken in this regard. States tend to hand over probes under public pressure to the CBI, but the agency will first need to ascertain whether it is a fit case or not to be probed.

There have been several instances where a CBI probe has been ordered by a state government, but the agency has refused to take up the probe. If the CBI feels that the state's agency is capable of handling the probe it can always refuse to take it up.

In the West Bengal nun rape case, the CBI had refused to probe the matter despite the government handing over the probe to the central agency.

In the lottery scam, the CBI is yet to take a decision on whether to go ahead with the probe or not. Karnataka government officials informed that there has been no communication as of now and they would wait for the CBI to take a decision on the matter failing which the state unit would go ahead with the probe.

Inter state ramification

For the CBI, the lottery scam would be a fit case to probe. It involves accused from different states and hence a centralized agency would be more suited to probe the matter. In addition to this there have been political ramifications as well in this case with allegations being made to this effect.

The scam has its ramifications in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh as well apart from Karnataka. The Karnataka government felt that it was capable of handling the probe, but it came under severe pressure from the opposition which led to it handing over the probe to the CBI.

What the lottery scam is all about?

A major scam was busted following a sting operation carried out by a television channel. As the scam unfolded it was found that a person by the name Pari Rajan was running an illegal lottery racket. Lotteries are illegal in Karanataka as it has been banned.

The scam also unearthed several big names. Senior police officer Alok Kumar was also placed under suspension after it was alleged that he was close to Rajan a resident of Kolar.

After lottery was banned in Karnataka Rajan decided that he would continue with the business in an illegal manner. He ensured that he garnered enough support from the police so that he could run this racket.

He had created illegal units which dealt with the business. Apart from writing out the lucky number on a piece of paper and selling them, he also had a website through which these numbers were sold investigations showed.

He had different types of draws, but the main focus was on single digits. There would be six digits written on the paper and people would bet on each number.

Getting all the six numbers entitled a person for a bumper prize. While the bumper prize fetched Rs 25,000 winning a single digit earned a prize money of Rs 1000.

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