Lokpal Bill Twist: Anna forgets Kejriwal, hails Rahul Gandhi

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Anna Hazare
Pune, Dec 18: Lokpal Bill finally has been passed in both Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha. The Gandhian crusader Anna Hazare, the pioneer of the mission of demanding the anti-corruption bill, ended his fast-unto-death protest on Wednesday, Dec 18. However, Anna's journey has witnessed several ups and downs and now with Lokpal Bill it has seen a major twist.

After putting an end to his hunger strike, Anna seems to have snubbed one of his closest aides who had supported and guided him during his initial days of protest. During his thanks giving speech, Anna forgot to take Arvind Kejriwal's name but did not miss to thank legislatures, politicians from different parties including Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi.

The country, society doesn't benefit from people who stand before cameras: Anna

Anna also lashed out at Kejriwal without taking his former aide's name. The crusader, who has been hailed across the country over his continuous struggle to get Lokpal Bill passed, was quoted as saying, "The country or society does not benefit from people who stand before cameras. If I had chosen to stand in front of the cameras, I would not have reached where I have."

Here it can be recalled that Anna departed his way with Kejriwal when the latter decided to launch his own political party in order to contest elections. Kejriwal formed his own party -- Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) which created history with its magnificent debut in Delhi assembly elections 2012.

Despite Anna's indirect criticism against him, Kejriwal continues to provide support to Anna. Overruling all speculations regarding any dispute between him and Anna, Kejriwal said, "We aren't in a dispute with Anna ji."

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