Locals paid Rs. 20 to enter Pathankot base for cattle grazing: Intelligence agencies

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New Delhi, Jan 12: Locals living in adjoining areas of Pathankot air base, which was stormed by six terrorists recently, used to enter the premises after paying as low as Rs. 20 to security guards to graze their cattle and even shop in the Canteen Stores Department (CSD) canteen.

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Intelligence agencies have informed the Home Ministry that it was a common practice for many people to enter the sensitive air force base with their cattle for grazing after paying the guards deployed in a few isolated gates.

'Locals paid Rs. 20 to enter Pathankot'

There are several hundred population of Gujjar community who herd cattle and they found the grass inside the campus suitable for grazing.

Alarmed by the terrorist attack, the Punjab government has now initiated the process of head-count of the Gujjar population living near the air base to ensure security in the vicinity, the inputs said.

There are several shops, including CSD canteen, inside the Pathankot air base and there have been reports that many locals go to shop there.

While some of the locals even made identity cards while some other pay the security guards to enter the premises, the inputs suggest.

In a pre-dawn attack, a group of heavily-armed Pakistani terrorists, believed to be belonging to Jaish-e-Mohammad, attacked the Pathankot air base on January 2 killing seven security personnel.

Six terrorists were also killed in the incident.

The terrorists were said to have crossed the India-Pakistan border in Punjab and reached the strategically crucial air base and carried out the attack.


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