Kumar Vishwas's illicit affair: When AAP supporters and its critics settled score on Twitter

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New Delhi, May 4: Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi party is at the centre of the controversy yet again, though it has become usual affair now. For the rookie party which is planning to become national, hardly a controversy dies down, before another erupts which add to its cup of woes.

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In the wake of recent controversies and latest Kumar Vishwas's illicit relationship, a war has begun between supporters of the party and its critics on the Twitter.

Vishwas's illicit affair: War on twitter

On Social media, people are slamming AAP leader Kumar Vishwas for alleged illegitimate relation. On micro-blogging website, people are questioning Kejriwal who recently said that media is trying to finish off his party.

On the other side, party and its supporters are leaving no stone unturned to prove their point that the whole controversy is just a media creation. Rather than saying that party will investigate the whole matter, leaders are terming this a conspiracy to malign the party.

Here are the twitter reactions where people have expressed both anger and disappointment with the party.

These are the tweets where party's supporters defended itself and put onus on the media of defaming the party.

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