Kolkata Skeleton Psycho Case: New twists and turns puzzle police

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Kolkata, June 16: Kolkata Police have been struggling to solve the infamous skeleton-psycho case, which has rocked the city. Almost a week has passed, but the investigating cops are yet to find out what exactly had led Partho and Arobindo to live with skeletons.

Cops now have moved the Calcutta High Court urging it to allow them to move Partho De from Pavlov Mental Hospital to Institute of Psychiatry. According to investigating officers, doctors at Pavlovs did not allow them to question Partho citing his mental health condition.

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A member of the medical board organised for Partho has been quoted as saying, "If police want to pursue the case without our consent and decide to interrogate De, we would oppose it and they will have to own up responsibility. We should not be held liable if he becomes aggressive during the interrogation."

44-year-old Partho earlier had confessed to police that he was living with the skeleton of his sister Debjani, who died six months ago. He also admitted to feeding the skeletons, including those of two dogs.

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Police discovered skeletons of Debjani and their two dogs when Partho's father, Arobindo De, committed suicide on Wednesday, June 10. Partho initially told police that his sister died as she had refused to take food after the death of their two pets.

According to him, Debjani died in December 2014 and he informed Mr Arobindo about her death in March 2015. However, many twists have puzzled the investigating officers.

Here are the twists in the case so far:

  1. Police found many letters and notes from the De House. It suggested that despite living in the same flat, family members used to communicate with each other through letters and notes.
  2. The letters hinted that family members might had had physical relations with each other.
  3. One note hinted that Partho's mother, who passed away in 2005, was jealous of Debjani and she once had stripped Debjani off her dress when the family had gone to Digha for vacation.
  4. In one note, the writer told someone, "You should not have done whatever you have done and you should apologise to me." (Police are yet to reveal who wrote which letter to whom)
  5. In one of the notes, Partho wrote that his mother used to suspect him to be impotent and he claimed that his mother was wrong. His mother allegedly had appointed one maid for Partho, so that he can have physical relation with her.
  6. Partho later claimed that his uncle had killed his mother through black magic.
  7. He also told that his mother had practised black magic to kill his sister Debjani.
  8. Hours before committing suicide, Mr Arobindo had gone to meet his lawyer and prepared one will and distributed his property among Partho and Debjani.
  9. Now, Partho claimed that Debjani was practising spiritual meditation, hence, she had stopped eating food. She later died of starvation, informed Partho.

Questions raised over new twists:

  1. Why did Mr Arobindo had mentioned Debjani's name in his will if he indeed knew about her death?
  2. Was Mr Arobindo too suffering from psychological disorder or was he trying to hide something from the society?
  3. Why did Partho change his initial statements regarding Debjani's death?
  4. Is it a murder case for love and sex and property?

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