Kolkata blast kills 4-year-old boy

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Kolkata, Aug 3: The Kolkata police have launched a massive investigation into a crude bomb blast that occurred at the Tala Park earlier on Monday. The blast which occurred at the Tala Park under the Tala police station limits in North Kolkata claimed the life of a 4 year old boy.

Preliminary investigations show that some persons may have disposed off the bomb at the Tala Park earlier during the day. The boy Butto Molla mistook the bomb for a ball and as he was playing with the object it exploded.


A crude bomb:

The police have ruled out the involvement of any major terror group to be behind this incident. It is the job of some miscreants who wanted to create panic preliminary investigations have shown.

The forensics sciences team which is looking into the incident say that the bomb was crude in nature. It does not appear to be assembled by any professional. However further investigations are on. The forensics team is also looking into the other two bombs that were discovered at the same area.

Political miscreants at work:

Recently an explosion on the Krishna-Sealdah train injured 17 persons. There was an explosion in a very plush school in Kolkata too recently. The National Investigating Agency which is looking into the Krishna-Sealdah explosion have found that several miscreants have easy access to bombs.

The NIA has found that each of these blasts which have been passed off as minor incidents have a larger message. The NIA's probe into the train blast focuses on the larger picture as to who sourced the bombs and how it had been carried into the train so easily. It was found that the explosion on the train was a result of a gang war.

There is a high demand for bombs in West Bengal and if one notices closely most of the political fights have taken place by hurling bombs. The NIA had found that the demand for crude bombs is extremely high in West Bengal. The demand for crude bombs by political parties has led to the entire security mechanism in the state turning a blind eye to the bomb factories.

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