Sushma mocks Congress: Know how Foreign Minister 'clean bowled' Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha

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New Delhi, Aug 12: External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Wednesday attacked the Congress party and its vice president Rahul Gandhi for constantly disrupting Parliamentary proceedings over former IPL czar Lalit Modi issue.

Speaking over the issue during a debate over the issue, Swaraj reiterated that she has done 'nothing wrong' amid continuous uproar of Congress MPs.

Sushma mocks Congress in Lok Sabha

Did nothing wrong:

Sushma started her statement saying, "I didn't do anything wrong. If helping a woman who has not been involved in any crime is wrong, then I admit I have done something wrong."

"Giving Lalit Modi travel documents was not under my power. My responsibilities were limited to overseeing the relationship between India and the nation which gave travel documents to Lalit Modi," Swaraj said in the statement.

There was no conflict of interest:

"Why are they turning a non-issue into an issue? Khargeji said that my family members are Lalit Modi's lawyers. But my husband was not a lawyer of Lalit Modi in the passport case," Swaraj said.

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"My daughter did not take even a single penny from Lalit Modi in this case," she said.

Swaraj later attacked the Congress and alleged that it was former union minister P Chidambaram who was involved in conflict of interest.

"I want to tell Opposition members what conflict of interest is? Conflict of interest is when Chidambaram's wife was made a lawyer from the Ministry Chidambaram was working for. Chidambaram admitted this in the House. And he said he didn't know about this until he was informed," she said.

Rahul Gandhi should read his family's history:

Attacking Congress vice president over his repeated demand of 'how much money did her family get for helping Lalit Modi', Swaraj said that she did not hide anything from anyone.

Infact it was the Congress party and his (Rahul) family that has allowed the likes of Quattrochi and Anderson to escape from India.

Swaraj said,"Rajiv Gandhi had allowed Anderson to flee in a quid pro quo arrangement with the US."


The Union Minister even advised Rahul Gandhi to take yet another holiday and study his family's history.

"Rahul Gandhi likes taking holidays. Please take a holiday and read your family history," Sushma told Rahul Gandhi.

"Rahul Gandhi should read. And when he comes back, he should ask, 'Mumma, how much money did we take from Quattrochi (accused in Bofors scandal)?'" Swaraj said.

"This is called quid pro quo," Swaraj said.

UPA gave Lalit Modi right of residency in UK

"Lalit Modi got right of residency in the UK when your government was in power," Sushma Swaraj said.

"Why are they demanding answers from me? They themselves are responsible for what they are asking...Congress leadership was divided on Lalit Modi case. One half wanted probe, other half did not."

"ED, under your government, did not take do any investigation against Lalit Modi," she said.

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