A kg of heroin produced at Rs 1 crore sold for Rs 7 crore in India

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New Delhi, Jan 16: An Intelligence Bureau report on functioning of the drug mafia along the Indo-Pak border gives a very clear indication as to why this industry thrives to such an extent. A kilogram of heroine produced in Afghanistan at a cost of Rs 1 crore is sold in the Indian markets at Rs 7 crore.

With so much money at stake, the mafia continues to thrive with the support of politicians, some personnel guarding the borders and several police officers.

Rs1 cr heroin sold at Rs7 cr in India

The National Investigating Agency (NIA) too is probing the link of the drug mafia to the Pathankot attacks and gradually it is being established that they did have a role to play in it.

Huge gains in the drug business:

The Intelligence Bureau makes it very clear that the stakes are very high. There is a reason why heroin produced at Rs 1 crore in Afghanistan is sold at Rs 7 crore by the time it reaches the Indian market. The ISI which guides this business has a cut in it.

Any drug operative has to cough up anything between 20 and 30 per cent of what he earns to the ISI.

After the route from Afghanistan to Pakistan has been cleared then it lands on the Indian border. Here too the drug mafia has to bribe several officials and guards along the border.

By the time all the stake holders which includes politicians, police officers and others get their cut, the price of heroin shoots up almost 7 times, the report also notes.

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In the midst of this, the terrorists too take full advantage of the situation. The movement of the drug mafia on the border is almost a given and they have become familiar faces.

Terrorists often use this to their advantage and tend to sneak into India along with the drug operatives. Several officials who are associated with the drug mafia are not even aware most of the times that terrorists too are being sneaked in.

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