Kejriwal's remark: What really is the meaning of "thulla"

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New Delhi, July 14: Yesterday the Delhi High Court asked Arvind Kejriwal to explain his "thulla" remark. The court had asked him to explain the word while observing that it was not in the dictionary. A complaint had been filed after the Delhi chief Minister, Kejriwal had allegedly referred to police men as thulla.

Now what exactly does thulla mean and how has this word originated. It is basically a slang used against the policemen. It is a slang that is used mostly in the Eastern Part of India and often refers to a lethargic cop with a big gut.

Kejriwals remark- What really is the meaning of thulla.
The word originates from the uniform of a police man. It resembles the colour of a sack. Hence the word jhute sack was morphed and the word thulla cropped up.

The word is often used in very lose terms. Some common usages include, " aage thulla khada hai ( a policeman is standing in front).

The usage of the word today refers specifically to corrupt policemen. However originally it was used against a slow cop with a big tummy. It has also been used against people who are slow or not motivated.

In some companies it is used as a slang against employees who are less productive when compared to the rest. Employees who take long breaks at office are also called by this name.

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