Kejriwal's charisma outshines 'Modi magic': AAP creates record, gets highest vote per cent

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New Delhi, Feb 10: It has now been proved that Arvind Kejriwal gauged the mood of Delhi people in right manner. The way Delhi has voted for the fledgling Arvind Kejriwal led party and rejected Modi led Saffron party, one thing is crystal clear that political party can no longer take people aka voters for granted.

It is really unbelievable that AAP got such a huge mandate, though it was expected that rookie party will outshine saffron brigade. According to the latest report, AAP has won 64 seats and BJP managed only one digit figure 5. What is most interesting about the election is the huge poll per cent that Kejriwal party has received.


Reportedly, AAP received 53 per cent of vote in Delhi, which is record by any party in several decades. Even Modi-led BJP who had got roaring success in the Lok Sabha election and made a landslide victory had received only 31 per cent vote. Then SP who came to power in Uttar Pradesh assembly election with Akhilesh Yadav and made a thumping victory in 2012 had also received less than 30 per cent of votes. Experts believe that no party who tasted landslide victory as AAP, got such a mammoth vote per cent ever.

Talking about the present scenario of Delhi result, BJP has almost got same vote per cent as it had got in 2013 assembly result. This time BJP has got 33.8 percent against Congress's 8.5 percent.

Apparently, it is the Congress vote which pinched BJP hard. All of the Congress loyal votes like Muslims, people of lower strata, SC and STs went into AAP's kitty. What added to BJP's cup of woes that within nine months, party lost connect with people. It seems Modi's magic is slowly and gradually fading out and is no longer pampering the voters.

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