Kashmiri separatist Geelani needs to become politically irrelevant

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New Delhi, July 22: Kashmiri separatist, Syed Ali Shah Geelani was issued a passport by the Indian government.

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There was no doubt that Geelani would be issued with a passport and the Indian government had no grounds to deny him one either.

'Geelani should be made irrelevant'

While a major debate rages on whether the passport issued to Geelani was necessary or not, Home Ministry officials tells OneIndia that there were no grounds to reject it. However the official also informed that there were other ways in dealing with Geelani and the first among them was to make him politically irrelevant.

Geelani needs to be politically irrelevant:
Rejecting a passport would have served no purpose the official informed. His application was valid and there were no grounds to reject it. The official also added that rejection of a passport does not serve any purpose. Instead it would have given him a talking point.

A recent meeting of the National Security Advisor Ajit Doval with the security forces in Jammu and Kashmir and also the governor dealt with a series of issues which also including the control of separatists. It was decided that the separatists need to be made irrelevant politically. This is the best way to deal with them, several officials have suggested.

Geelani still enjoy some amount of relevance politically.

The best way to deal with him would be ensure that he is not politically relevant at all. In addition to this the cases that are pending against him need to pursued and a conviction ought to be obtained. Hence the Geelani issue could not be battled on the basis of his passport application, the Home Ministry official also noted.

Make all separatists politically irrelevant:

The Home Ministry would ensure that all separatists become politically irrelevant. Former Chief of the Research and Analysis Wing, C D Sahay tells OneIndia that Geelani is not going to have a change of heart now that the passport has been issued to him.

He continues to be stubborn and even after he filed the passport application he had the audacity to say that he had written Indian Citizen only out of compulsion and not because he felt so from the heart. Sahay feels that apart from making him politically irrelevant, India could also press for the cancellation of his Indian citizenship. This would really put him in a spot of bother.

Sahay adds that denying him a passport would not serve any purpose. If there are cases pending against him then they need to be pursued with all seriousness. These cases cannot drag on forever and there needs to some decision on the same.

In the absence of a conviction by a court of law, there can never be any real action against such persons, Sahay also notes. Hence it becomes very important that a legal fight against such persons is fought with utmost seriousness.

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