Kasab's hangman will hang Yakub Memon

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New Delhi, July 23: The filing of several petitions by Yakub Memon has not deterred the authorities at the Nagpur. Preparations are on in full swing and one official said that they are sure that the hanging will take place on July 30th. The hangman is ready and he is the same person who had hanged Ajmal Kasab, an official informed.

In the case of Kasab, the jail authorities were unable to find a professional hangman. However the jail manual does not state that there needs to be a professional hangman to carry out the job. A jail authority can train for the job, the officer also informed.

Kasab's hangman will hang Memon.
Man who hanged Kasab called in:

The person who carried out the execution of Ajmal Kasab is most likely to the man who will hang Yakub Memon as well. He had been summoned nearly 15 days back when the Maharashtra government had decided on the date of hanging.

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A hangman cannot be summoned overnight. There are a lot of procedures that have to be followed. The hangman will have to carry out at least 4 to 5 mock drills before the date of the actual hanging. Oiling the rope, finalizing the drop and also checking the lever so that the execution process is peaceful and not painful needs to be ensured.

At the Nagpur jail a dummy had been brought in 10 days back itself. The trials of the hanging are being conducted on the dummy. The weight of the convict has already been conveyed to the hangman who will have to prepare the rope and also the drop in accordance.

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Memon is calm:

Meanwhile the jail authorities are regularly monitoring the health of Yakub Memon. He is hanging on to a ray of hope an official informed as he has filed a series of mercy petitions. The latest in his kitty is a petition in the Supreme Court seeking a stay on his death sentence.

Memon otherwise is cool and does not converse much. He is scheduled to meet his family today. He does not speak much to his lawyers and only nods his head to what they say. However he continues to remain hopeful a jail authority informed. Jail officials however added that two days back he was a bit anxious, but a doctor was called in and the problem was solved. There are four police constables who are positioned outside his cell all the time. At times he does not sleep at night, the official further informed.

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