Karnataka Mosques come under one umbrella to fight the ISIS

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Bengaluru, Oct 5: The Mosques in Karnataka have decided to counter the ISIS menace in a big way. In a circular that has been issued to all Mosques in the state of Karnataka, it has been decided that every Friday sometime time shall be dedicated to educate the people about the ill-effects of the ISIS.

The circular prepared by the Jamia Masjid and Muslim Charitable Fund has been distributed to all Mosques across the state. Mohammad Maqsood Imran the Imam of the Jamia Masjid, City says that they have got a positive response from all the Mosques in the state.

Karnataka's plan to counter ISIS menace

Bengaluru city alone has 140 Mosques and the sermon preaching about the ill effects of the ISIS will be held every Friday.

Clearing misunderstanding:

The main aim of the exercise would be to clear the misunderstandings about Islam which have been created by groups such as the ISIS and the al-Qaeda. There has been a general belief among people from other religion that a majority of the Muslims subscribe to what the ISIS or al-Qaeda has been preaching.

All the heads of the Mosques in Karnataka while condemning the ISIS and al-Qaeda also point out that neither Osama Bin Laden nor Abu Bakr-al-Bhagdadi are Muslims. We needed to clear the misunderstanding and also ensure that some of the youth did not go astray says Imran.

During the sermons on Friday, while the regular prayers would be held there would be time dedicated to preach the real meaning of Islam. Islam does not propagate or believe in the killing of innocents. Even at the time of war, Islam does not permit the killing of innocents and a person can fightback only if confronted by an armed person.

Message across the state:

The decision was originally taken in Bengaluru. It was decided that such sermons should be preached in the 140 Mosques in the city. However later on it was decided that the message should be conveyed to the Mosques in the entire state as the message that needs to be delivered will have a wider audience. The response from all the Mosques across the state has been encouraging.

The decision by the Mosques of Karnataka comes in the wake of a major fatwa being issued by several Muslim bodies across the country to fight against the propaganda of the ISIS. The Intelligence Bureau has been encouraging Muslims organizations and elders in the community to come forward and clear the misconception about Islam being propagated by the ISIS and the al-Qaeda.

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