Karnataka MLC polls: In Lehar Singh's victory, a strong message to the Advani camp

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New Delhi, June 11: When the BJP won Karnataka in 2009, the party looked invincible and ready to rule the state for the next ten years. However the party collapsed like a pack of cards and faced its worst split as a result of it tallest leader B S Yeddyurappa walking out.

The Yeddyurappa faction always blamed the L K Advani camp for the mess. Yeddyurappa too felt that Advani was being unfair and making all attempts to break him so that he could push his candidates into the fray.

Karnataka MLC polls: In Lehar Singh's victory, a strong message to the Advani camp.
Today in the Karnataka BJP the only way is the Yeddyurappa way. The victory of Lehar Singh in the MLC polls is just one indication of that. To refresh one's memory Singh was the same persons suspended from the party for making anti Advani remarks.

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Backed by Yeddyurappa, a message to Advani:

BJP leaders in Karnataka say that had Advani been at the helm of affairs, Yeddyurappa's return would have been impossible, leave alone Lehar Singh's victory. Singh's candidature was backed by Yeddyurappa and he had issued a directive that this candidate must win at any cost.

Singh's victory does not come as a surprise, but there is a loud message. Yeddyurappa and his loyalists had always complained about interference by the Advani camp. Singh too had backed Yeddyurappa to the hilt when Advani had insisted that he be removed as the CM.

Singh had dashed off a letter in 2013 to Advani stating that his attitude towards the party in Karnataka unit was strange and not gracious. Instead of consoling us and sympathising with our loss, you have insinuated us and belittled our hard work, he said. You (Advani) are being contradictory, partisan and shielding your own role in the decline of the party in Karnataka.

The Advani camp obviously miffed with the remarks had spared no time in suspending him from the party. When the MLC polls were announced in Karnataka, Yeddyurappa had no doubt in his mind that Singh would be one of the candidates. He backed him to the hilt and sent out a message to the Advani camp- " I am the boss."

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