Kanhaiya Kumar speech: Quotable quotes from JNU student union president's 'fiery' address

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New Delhi, Mar 3: Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) students union president Kanhaiya Kumar was given a hero's welcome in the university campus following his release from the jail.

The arrested JNUSU president addressed over 2,500 students and teachers gathered at admin block.

Kanhaiya Kumar has been accused of sedition.

In his speech Kanhaiya, who has been accused of sedition, hit out at the Central dispensation for attempting to suppress their voices.

Here is all what Kanhaiya Kumar said in his 'fiery' speech, which was lauded by several opposition leaders:

Hits out at Smriti Irani:

Smriti Irani ji, we are not your children, we are JNUites. Please stop these sedition charges, gives us our fellowships and take moral responsibility for Rohith's death and apprehend those who are responsible for his demise. (How Kanhaiya Kumar's fiery speech lifted the spirits of Indians)

On PM Modi's Satyamev Jayate tweet:

I have many differences with the PM (Narendra Modi) but I agree with his tweet Satyameva Jayate because these words are in our Constitution.

On sloganeering in the campus:

We are not seeking 'azaadi' (freedom) from India. We want 'azaadi' within India.

(Campus erupts in joy as Kanhaiya Kumar addresses students at JNU)

On opposition BJP's youth-wing ABVP in the campus:

There is no animosity towards ABVP because we are democratic. We truly believe in democracy and Constitution. We don’t look at the ABVP as an enemy, we look at them like the Opposition.

On JNU's legacy:

Let me just say it is not easy to get admission in JNU neither it is easy to silence those in JNU.

On Rohith Vemula case and UGC grants:

This attack is to delegitimise the UGC protests, to prevent justice to Rohith Vemula (the dalit scholar in Hyderabad University) who committed suicide. The struggle of peace loving and progressive sections of the society in the wake of the JNU row and Rohith Vemula suicide will be a long fight. Is seeking freedom from thorny issues confronting India a crime?

On PM Modi's Mann Ki Baat:

When he (Modi) was speaking I wanted to tell him to talk about Hitler as well. He should speak about Mussolini as well after all his guru Golwalker (second RSS chief) had met the former... PM talks about Mann ki baat but does not listen.

(Question for JNU students: Do you remember these names at all?)

On 'witch-hunting' by BJP's media cell: 

If you speak against the government, their cyber cell will frame you using doctored videos and count the number of condoms in your hostel.

On farmers and martyrs:

I salute those soldiers dying at the borders. But what about farmers committing suicides in abject poverty? Those farmers are the fathers of majority of those soldiers. My father is a farmer, my brother is a soldier. And who is responsible for those wars where they make the supreme sacrifice? People making them fight are responsible. Don't create these false binaries.

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