JNU row: Tug of war continiues as Delhi cops to oppose bail for Kanhaiya Kumar

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New Delhi, Feb 23: The tug of war continues at the JNU and the five students have continued to stick to their demands that they will join the probe once sedition charges are dropped.

The Delhi police on the other hand has taken a cautious approach to the matter and will also focus today on the bail hearing of JNU Student Leader, Kanhiya Kumar which is coming up before the Delhi High Court today.

Delhi cops to oppose bail for Kanhaiya

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The Delhi police have been instructed by the government to handle the situation this time around delicately.

"Do not rush into things and ensure that the students themselves come forward or let the Vice Chancellor take a lead role in coaxing the students," the government has made it clear. Moreover with the budget session beginning today, the government does not want the JNU issue to shadow the debate.

No middle path as yet

Both the Delhi police and the five students have remained adamant in their stand. Delhi Police Commissioner, B S Bassi informed that they would want the students to come forward and join the probe.

The onus is on them to prove their innocence and hence they need to join the probe he also informed.
The students on their part have made it clear that they want the sedition charges to be dropped if they have to join the probe.

This is a shift from their stand yesterday in which they had said that they would surrender if the police came into the campus. The police has however decided not to enter into the campus and wants the VC to coax the students to surrender.

The VC has met with teachers on how to handle the situation. The VC is also in receipt of a memorandum from the students who want him to convince the police to drop sedition charges.

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Delhi police to oppose bail

Today the bail hearing of KanhIya Kumar will come up before the Delhi High Court for hearing. Kumar's counsel has argued that sedition charges have been wrongly slapped on the basis of doctored videos. The counsel would also quote security related issues and the recent incident at the Patiala House court where Kumar was ruffled up by lawyers.

The Delhi police on the other hand will oppose the bail stating that the investigations are still on. On the charges that the videos were doctored, the Delhi police would tell the court that they need to ascertain the same by the Central Forensics Laboratory.

Further the police would also argue that other students connected with the case had surfaced at the university and hence they would also need to be probed along with Kumar.

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