JNU row: Kill all communists; a Facebook brawl ends up in police complaint

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Bengaluru, Feb 19: The JNU incident has snowballed into a major furore igniting a debate on nationalists and anti-nationals, traitors and patriots, even as gusty wind of violence flogged the Delhi's Patiala House Court.

Bengaluru is also no different to unfortunate national and anti-national divide. On Wednesday, Feb 17 a person named Dr Sushruth Athreya saw himself proud to endorse controversial organisation Hindu Mahasabha as it's old member shot father of nation Mahatma Gandhi dead.


Athreya, doctor by profession, during a debate with his Left leaning friend in Facebook also claimed, if he gets a chance to slay, he would shoot all communists using AK 47 rifle and chase them out India as these anti-nationals' presence derail prospects of the country.

Athreya's friend, Dr Ashok K R, who is also his classmate during MBBS studies, filed a complaint at Kengeri police station following this verbal war. The complaint read "Athreya has threatened to kill me including all other communists in order to cleanse."

Dr Ashok speaking to OneIndia said, during a debate in Facebook over JNU row, his classmate threatened to kill me. However, he later altered that post making a few changes. He removed the words 'you' in all places where he used after the word 'kill' and replaced it with Communists and anti-nationals, Leftists and Marxist.

"I initially did not take it serious, but fearing the consequences later filed a complaint. I wanted to document it to see myself on the safer side." Ashok further said, the new trend of branding people who does not buy right-wing ideology as anti-nationals is threat to the values enshrined in the Indian constitution.

What exactly Athreya wrote

In a comment during a debate on JNU incident, Athreya wrote- "If I get a chance, I will shoot leftists, communists, Marxists like you first. You are the sole reason for India's present fate. Of course Godse (Nathuram Godse) is my hero and I fully endorse Hindu Mahasabha.

Athreya went on further "Don't you dare tell me what to do, what to believe in. I am right extremist and harbour extreme hatred for leftist ideology and I don't mind using violence to end all those oppose Right because, right is the only right way for India."


In a post on Athreya's Facebook status, he wrote- "Screw all tolerance, freedom of expression, liberty and human rights. Just wield an AK 47 ans shoot all those bloody parasites where ever they may be- JNU, Jadavpur or Punganur. They dont deserve to be in India, India, our glorious mother land, does't deserve to be sullied by such filthy animals. Praveen Togadia is right,. Chop the heads of 50 parasites that they dare say Bharat Tere Tukde Honge"

When contacted Athreya, he said he regret his posts. "It was the 'anger of moment' that led me to write extreme thought. I regret the act."

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