JMB had help from Kerala; Interrogation details of Shahpur Alom

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Bengaluru, Dec 8: Sahanur Alom alias doctor arrested by the Assam police in connection with the Burdhwan coup has turned out to be a hub of information. While he minces no words while telling his interrogators that the prime agenda was to assassinate Sheikh Hasina, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh he also reveals shocking details about how several persons from Kerala had visited Assam during the ethnic riots in the year 2012.

Alom the money man of the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh was arrested weeks after his wife Sujna was picked up by the agencies. Both have proven to be a hub of information for the investigators as these two operatives are not foot soldiers but hardcore terrorists involved in indoctrination and strategy.


Kerala connection again:

It is probably for the first time that the Kerala link to Burdhwan came out in the open. Alom told the police that a major part of the recruitment took place during the ethnic riots between the Bodos and Bengali speaking Muslims in Assam in the year 2012. It had become a potential recruitment ground and members of the Jamaat had told us to go all out and ensure that we rope in over 3000 people, Alom told the police.

There was a batch of at least 50 persons who came in from Kerala at that time. They had actively taken part in the recruitment and also indoctrination. We managed to rope in several persons by instilling fear and told them the only way they would be protected was by joining us. The job of the Kerala module was two fold.

They assured that in the case of any crack down they would provide shelter to the cadres. In addition to this it was the Kerala module which had spread havoc by sending out panic messages about attacks which led to an exodus of North Eastern people from various parts of the country.

Bid to kill Sheikh Hasina:

Alom confirmed that for the Jamaat to prosper there was a need for the Bangladesh Prime Minister to die. She was the stumbling block for all operations of the Jamaat which had a larger agenda of setting up an Islamic Caliphate. After she took over as the PM, there was a crack down on the Jamaat cadres who had no option but to take shelter in West Bengal and Assam.

The intention was to assassinate Hasina and ensure a break up of the Awami League. We were aware that she not being around would have ensured in the crumbling of the Awami League.

Political connect:

Alom says that they got support from various local political outfits. The idea was to seek patronage of these outfits who normally sent out their lowest rung leaders to help us. Political outfits from Kerala and West Bengal who were interested in this cause too gave us the patronage. However we were told that at no cost should anything lead up to the top leadership. The political patronage helped a great deal since we were able to go about our business unnoticed since the year 2009 when this entire conspiracy was hatched.

The political parties saw us as a vote bank and thanks to loop-holes in the system we managed to get a voter id for each of our cadres which only made the job easier. In addition to this madrasas were set up on government land in West Bengal which made the entire operation legitimate.

First plan of 2004:

According to the investigations it is revealed that this is the third such attempt which was made by the JMB to destablise the establishment in Bangladesh. There have already been two assassination bids in the past against Sheikh Hasina. However in 2004 the JMB had made yet another attempt of setting up a module in Assam to target Bangladesh.

Intelligence Bureau officials say that in 2004 at Chittagong there were ten truck loads of arms that were being transported. These trucks were intercepted and during the investigation it was found that it was meant to be sent to the ULFA. These arms were being sent in exchange for setting up a module in Assam in a bid to destablise Bangladesh. IB officials say that the local terror groups in India sought arms from Bangladesh in exchange for protection of the Jamaat cadres in India.

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