Jharkhand: This 'Passport Baba' ends all passport-related woes, fulfills 'abroad job' dreams!

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Jamshedpur, Dec 30: Tired of running from pillar to post to get your passport or finding a job abroad? Has it become a distant dream for you? Then, visit the "Passport Baba" at the 'dargah' (tomb) of Miskin Shah Baba in Jamshedpur and your woes may be solved!

Miskin Baba's dargah is located in Kallu Bagan in the steel city of Jamshedpur, 140 km from Ranchi. The tomb is popularly known as 'Passport Baba's' dargah. 


Everyday, scores of people from different communities come here with photocopies of their passports to pray to the Baba to help them get a visa. The crowd is said to be huge on Thursdays.

Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs are also among the Baba's followers. People also come here with photocopies of their mark sheets, admit cards, passports, love letters and other wishes, which they pin up on the trees. Some people who wish to work abroad have even tied "xerox copies of their passports" on a pipal tree, to fulfill their dreams.

According to his followers, if anyone pins up his or her wishes, he has to come to the tomb for seven consecutive weeks, without a break. You can pin up your wishes only on three days - Monday, Thursday and Friday. Even lovers come here and put up their love letters so they can get united with their beloved.

Those who are not able to visit Baba personally, they send letters to him, along with a copy of their passports.

According to locals, the Baba came here 100 years ago and died in 1940. His tomb was constructed between the banyan and bargad trees which touch the tomb.

It is also said that even politicians in Jharkhand visit Baba before elections, to get his blessings.

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