'JanaJal' Safe drinking water ATMs launched

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Bengaluru, Jan 13: 'JanaJal' Safe Drinking Water ATMs is an initiative of the Supremus Group that is renowned for innovation and implementation of various technologies in India.

JanaJal primarily aims to make available and provide access to Safe Drinking Water to the common man at all public places such as railway stations, bus stands, hospitals, schools, religious places, village panchayats, towns, cities, metros and other public places in India.


Safe potable water would be made available 24X7 through JanaJal water dispensing ATMs at a nominal cost that contributes mainly towards cost of filtration, system maintenance and upkeep and routine upgrades to the system from time to time.

The JanaJal concept also promotes social entrepreneurship through the role of an operator who can earn a livelihood from this activity thus keeping him/her motivated to serve the people in a consistent and dedicated manner in the long run.

Globally, water is a pay per use commodity. However, in India, safe drinking water is scarce and its non-availability remains one of the biggest causes for various problems faced by the common man on a daily basis.

JanaJal is an initiative to change the perception and thought process of the Indian citizen towards receiving safe drinking water.


Each JanaJal ATM has a capacity to dispense upto 20,000 litres of Safe Drinking Water every day. With an average life span of upto 10 years, every JanaJal ATM directly benefits more than 4 Million people besides providing gainful employment to several persons who would be trained to operate the JanaJal systems.

Thus, each JanaJal safe drinking water ATM positively impacts the quality of life of citizens, provides livelihood opportunities supported by vocational training, development of soft skills, increased productivity, sustained education due to higher attendance and better overall health and wellness for communitieswhich leads to Khushaali for the Nation.

Eco Friendly, Green Technology :

JanaJal's core strength lies in its technology agnostic approach that is not restricted to the use of any single specific technology.

After intense research and understanding of the water conditions in India, the management and technical team at JanaJal concluded that the quality of water in India across villages, cities, districts, zones, States, regions and eventually across the country.

Therefore use of any single technology can be detrimental to the cause of purifying water besides being extremely counterproductive and cause unnecessary wastage of this precious natural resource.

Hence the technology used for purification of water is determined only after assessing quality of raw water and its type and level of contamination after subjecting it to a laboratory test.

Other factors such as location, number of persons in the community to be catered to, etc.are also considered while deciding where the JanaJal ATM would be set up to maximize its utilization, both in terms of capacity as well as serving people.

In areas where the normal TDS of water is less than 500 PPM, JanaJal relies on an eco friendly and low pressure ultra-filtration technology that is patented for membrane design called supremus aqua water treatment system,This system has successfully delivered safe drinking water conforming to WHO standards to over 100,000 citizens in urban, semi-urban and rural India.

It operates without electricity and only requires daily backwash as part of its routine maintenance. 

The biggest advantage with this technology is that it does not waste a single drop of water during the purification process hence contributes significantly to environment sustainability and conservation of water.

Low pressure ultra-filtration membrane technology is highly effective in removing all non dissolved elements in feed waters.

The system removes Pathogens (disease causing organisms), Total Suspended Solids and Turbidity from water.

Raw water flows into the system under low pressure. As it passes through the porous walls of the hollow fibre membrane inside the unit, solids are retained on the membrane surface. Units are suitable for using either pumped feed or gravity feed applications.

Based on lean and green technology, it is ideal for rural and remote areas where electricity is scarce and servicing of water treatment system is a logistical problem.

This technology has also been approved by ministry of drinking water and sanitation and included in compendium of technologies prepared for the "Swachh Bharat" mission initiated by government of India.

JanaJal ATMs are already functional in Varanasi, the Hon'ble Prime Minister's constituency including the PM's office in that city.

A project to install 100 JanaJal - Safe Drinking Water ATMs has already bee commenced in the holy city of the Ganges.

The UP Government has recently acknowledged this initiative and vetted the concept under "Manch-2015", a social initiative of UP government to fund innovative programmes.

Supremus Developers Pvt. Ltd. has received the National Award for Environment Sustainability from World CSR in July 2015 in Mumbai.

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