Bangladesh terror outfit uses dentist's clinic in Assam to carry out operations

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JMB's vicious plans and a clever hideout
It was a joint operation by a husband and a wife and this deadly combination ensured that in Assam 30 modules of the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh was set up. Shahnur Alam and his wife Suguna ran a dental camp in the Barpeta district of Assam and this had become a primary front for them to carry out this deadly operation.

Dental clinic an eyewash

While Alam used his dental clinic in Chatala as a front, his wife had become the transporter of the funds, NIA sources informed. The NIA is also looking into a confidential report by the Assam police which has claimed that operatives of the JMB had close links with lower rung politicians in the state who were helping set up the JMB modules which was aiming at merging Bangladesh, West Bengal and Assam in a bid to make it a Greater Bangladesh.

A dentist by profession, Alam belonged to a upper wing of the JMB which had roped in several educated youth into their fold. Recruiting educated persons into the operation only meant that they avoid heat and also are in a better position to understand the real intent of the entire operation which the Indian agencies say was not a run of the mill terror strike but a full fledged military coup.

The NIA which had conducted raids and searches at the house of Alam have found that he used his dental camp as a front and picked vulnerable persons and recruited them into the Jamaat.

NIA stumbles upon vital clues

During the investigation the NIA has stumbled upon vital clues regarding his operation and how from the year 2010 onwards he had made contacts in some political circles in Assam in a bid to further the operation. However the biggest link that the NIA has found regarding Alam is his financial transactions and how this dental clinic had become a landing point for the funds.

Infiltrators part of the JMB would drop in from Bangladesh and park funds with him. On the other hand his wife Sujuna had become a regular visitor to the Madrasaas in West Bengal. The NIA says that her job was to move the funds to the Madrasas where other members of the Jamaat were being trained and also preparing bombs.

JMB's vicious plan to carry out terror strikes

Intelligence Bureau officials say that apart from moving funds for the Jamaat, the doctor was also found to be instigating the youth. The JMB had proposed to carry out strikes at religious places in a bid to rake up communal tension and use this as an excuse to recruit more persons into their fold. The intent was create a wave of insecurity among the youth so that they came to the JMB seeking protection.

The NIA will also probe the leaders of smaller political parties in Assam to find out if they supported Alam in his quest to set up the JMB module in Assam. Some political leaders may have used him to help them dish out sentiments in order to boost their vote banks, the NIA says.

Assam becomes a JMB hideout

As compared to the 55 sleeper cells of the JMB in West Bengal alone, the NIA says that there could be at least 25 to 30 of them in Assam. Assam was a very important module for the JMB as it already had links with groups such as the ULFA and the HuJI which are operating here.

The relation between the Assam based groups and the JMB has been on a give and take basis. The arms and cash were smuggled in to support the Assam groups by the JMB. The JMB on the other hand used the Assam based groups to infiltrate their men in a bid to set up the modules, NIA officials further state.

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