ISRO's Mars Orbiter Mission: “MOM” presence on Facebook!

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New Delhi, Nov 7: The first of the six orbit raising activity for the Mars Orbiter was successfully completed on Thursday morning, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) said.

In an attempt to sustain the interest of the people in its maiden interplanetary exploration and keep them informed, the ISRO has launched a page on Facebook as "ISRO's Mars Mission".

"We have opened an account on Facebook to regularly update the public on our Orbiter spacecraft during its journey to Mars and its scientific observations for over six months from Sep 24, 2014," a top space agency official told anews agency.

"People can access all the information, data and pictures on Facebook through our official website (, as we will be updating the account every three-four hours," ISRO chairman K Radhakrishnan noted.

Within hours after the rocket was launched from the spaceport at Sriharikota, about 80 km north east of Chennai, the space agency's Facebook account became a terrific hit, getting a whopping 82,000 likes till late Tuesday and 24,145 netizens talking about the mission since the site was launched Oct 22 when the D-day was fixed.

ISRO's MOM - joined Facebook on 22 October and has received more than 18K likes.

"We want to ensure that people will not forget about the mission days after launch and because the Orbiter will take over nine months to cruise towards Marian orbit by Sep 2014. They can simply access Facebook and know what's happening to the mission in the interplanetary space anytime and from anywhere," the rocket scientist said.

As the social networking site is interactive and accessible to all netizens, including the space community worldwide, their comments, views, observations and suggestions will be welcome as much as constructive criticism.

Now, the final orbit raising activity will take place November 30 so as to push the Orbiter towards the red planet and out of earth orbit.

The 1,340 kg Mars Orbiter, developed by the ISRO at an outlay of around Rs 150 crore, carries 852 kg of fuel on-board. India's first inter-planetary Mars Orbiter Mission costs around Rs 450 crore.

As India's space probe got into the Earth's orbit Tuesday for a nine-month long odyssey to Mars, the popular social media site Facebook will keep you posted on its adventurous voyage to the red planet.

ISRO's MOM - joined Facebook on 22 October and has received more than 18000 likes in a short span.

Let's take a look on what are the latest updates of the 'MOM' on the social networking website Facebook:

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