ISIS video: Indian recruits had shot it on a lake in Syria

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New Delhi, June 20: A video that was uploaded online in which members of the ISIS make a Jihad call against India comprised six members and all of them have been identified.

The National Investigation Agency with the help of international agencies have been able to identify the place where the video was shot.

ISIS:Indian recruits shot video in Syria

The six persons have been identified as Bada Sajid, Abu Rashid, Fahad Sheikh, Aman Tandel, Shaheem Tanki and Talmeez-ur-Rehman. The video was shot at the Lake Qattinah in Syria. Bada Sajid and Tanki were killed 10 months back.

OneIndia had reported that this video was 10 months old.

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Impact video:

NIA officials say that although this video was shot more than 10 months back, it was uploaded to create an impact. These persons in the video are seen with AK-47 rifles. Moreover they decided to shoot the video on a motor boat.

With the help of agencies abroad, we have ascertained that the video was shot on the Lake Qattinah.

Bada Sajid and Abu Rashid hail from Azamgarh. Sheikh, Tanki and Tandel are from Kalyan, Maharashtra while Rehman is from Guntur. Tanki and Sajid were killed in an air strike 10 months back.

In the video these persons make a call to establish the Caliphate in India and quote incidents at Kashmir and also the Babri Masjid demolition in desperate bid to make an impact on the Indian youth.

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