ISIS video featuring Indians was shot in 3 parts

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New Delhi, May 28: The National Investigation Agency has sought the help of various state police units in identifying the youth who were part of the ISIS video released recently that threatens attacks in India.

However the forensics relating to the video now suggests that it was an old one and there has been a lot of patch work done on it.

 ISIS video featuring Indians was shot in 3 parts

We are still looking into it an NIA official informed OneIndia. There are portions of the video that have been shot 10 months back and some parts of it are recent, the officer also informed.

Video shot in three parts:
A preliminary investigation into the authenticity of the video shows that it had been shot in three parts. the first part of the video was shot when Bada Sajid was alive and this was around 10 months back. He was confirmed dead by the intelligence agencies in September 2015.

The next part of the video was shot with Abu Salha and Abu Rashid. The last part was incorporated into the video with Fahad Shaikh the youth from Maharashtra speaking. It is clear that it was not shot in one sitting, the officer informed.

The attempt was a desperate one to show there are many Indians in the fold of the ISIS, the officer also said.

It is a propaganda video and the ISIS is desperate to suggest to Indians that it is serious about what it is doing. The video was aimed at sending a strong message to Indians to join the outfit.

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