ISIS trying to strike India story rubbished by Intelligence Bureau

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New Delhi, July 29: Intelligence Bureau (IB) officials have termed the report of the ISIS trying to strike India as wrong. There is no foot print of the ISIS in India, they say while adding that the problems of recruitment of a few youth has been taken care of.

The USA today published a story claiming that the ISIS has been attempting to carry out an attack in India.

IS trying to strike India, IB rubbishes

However, IB officials say that the foot print of the ISIS does not exist in India as of now. The ISIS has not set up any modules and all mechanisms to thwart any such attempt is in place.

India has battled the ISIS well:

The IB officials say that the America is losing its war against the ISIS and would like more countries to engage against them. India on the other hand would want to deal with its own problems.

The Shia-Sunni population has been by and large peaceful in India and any engagement with the ISIS runs the risk of breaking that peace.

[ISIS is preparing to attack India: report]

India has launched a series of operations to ensure that the ISIS recruitments comes down. In fact in the month of September 2014 there were around 300 Indians ready to sign up with the ISIS.

Today thanks to various operations the number had reduced to 18. There is a growing awareness that we have created where the ISIS is concerned and more and more youth are shying away from them.

The India map of the ISIS:

The ISIS had in early 2014 released a map which it called the Global Islamic Council. It had parts of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Kashmir on it. However these were not part of the immediate plans.

In stead the ISIS is busy with Syria and Iraq. It is trying to set up its government out there. There have been inroads that the outfit has been making in Afghanistan as well. However if one looks at the Afghanistan scnerio, it is clear that the ISIS is using its proxies to wage the battle.

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