ISIS tells foreign fighters to return home; plans global outreach

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New Delhi, June 24: The ISIS has started sending its foreign fighters back home. Several foreign fighters have been asked to return home following the spate of defeats the outfit has faced in both Iraq and Syria. The ISIS bastion in several cities in both Syria and Iraq have gone out of the outfit's control and hence plan b has been adopted.

While the decline of the ISIS is indeed very good news for both Syria and Iraq, it could emerge as a problem for the rest of the world. The ISIS' intent in sending the foreign fighters back is not exactly a retreat, but a ploy to execute revenge.

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ISIS calls foreign fighters to return ho

Foreign fighters returning is not a retreat

The return of the foreign fighters is not exactly a retreat by the ISIS. It is part of Plan B and a new propaganda. The ISIS has instructed its foreign fighters to gain entry into their home countries and stage attacks.

The idea is to execute revenge. Europe is likely to be the hardest hit in such a scenario.

While the ISIS would try and win back lost ground in both Iraq and Syria, the idea for now is to extend its global reach. Even in the Indian scenario it could pose a problem since there are around 21 Indians with the ISIS. There is a possibility of these persons also being asked to return.

India had in fact sensed this sometime back and decided to press strong charges against Areeb Majeed who returned from the ISIS fold to Mumbai.

Indian intelligence officials say that one needs to be particularly weary of the returnees as they come back with a motive. Even if any of the ISIS returnees seek help or asylum, they should never be out in the open.

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