Alleged ISIS recruit refused to drive his father's car purchased on loan

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Thiruvananthapuram, Aug 2: This alleged ISIS recruit from Kerala had told his father that he would not drive the car purchased by him. "Pay cash and buy me a bike instead. Your car has been purchased on loan and this is anti Islamic," the person had said.

The Kerala Police is currently probing a case in which 21 persons have gone missing. All of them are suspected to have left the country and joined the ISIS either in Syria and Iraq. The parents and family members who have been speaking to the police now point out they had seen a change in the nature of their children.

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ISIS recruits refused luxurious life

Each story goes on to show the extent of alleged radicalisation that had taken place. The police are now probing the various religious institutions which are not regulated and self financed. Police officials believe that these institutions had played a major part in the radicalisation process.

Won't drive your car

Take for instance the case of Hafeezuddin. He is suspected to have joined the ISIS. His father, a well do to man, says that his son refused to drive his car. "When I asked him why, he said it was taken on loan and hence he would not drive it. I asked him for an explanation," he said.

"Lending or borrowing money for interest is anti Islamic. It does not permit taking or lending money for interest. You have availed a loan to buy this car and hence the transaction is anti Islam. I shall not drive it," he said.

Hafeezudin told his father that if he wanted to give him a vehicle then he should buy him a bike. "But buy it after paying full cash," he had said. His father was stunned by these revelations.

Then comes the case of Abdul Rashid. He would help his father out with the family business. One day he stopped going to work with his father. When his father questioned him, he said, "How can we enjoy this money. There are my brothers and sisters who are dying. If we enjoy this money we will not go to heaven."

He even stopped anyone from capturing his photograph. He would not attend functions and one day he shouted at his entire family for watching television. "You will land in hell if you enjoy life like this," he told his family.

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