ISIS radio: Listen or face 10 lashes

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New Delhi, June 17: Listen to ISIS radio or be prepared to get 10 lashes. This is a method that the ISIS has adopted in a bid to popularize its radio service which is currently available in ISIS dominated areas of Iraq and Syria.

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The ISIS which is running a parrallel government aims to popularize its programmes through announcements on radio.

 ISIS radio: Listen or face 10 lashes

The ISIS radio has no songs playing. It does not provide any form of entertainment either as the group believes that none should have any fun.

The programmes available on ISIS radio are directives, ways to practice Islam and also sermons on the ill-effects of homo sexuality and smoking cigarettes.

What the ISIS radio has to offer?

The ISIS leadership believes that by offering radio services to the people, it would be able to convey its agenda to a larger number of people.

Currently the group is extremely tech savvy and has a dominant presence on the social media. The ISIS radio which is available in Iraq and Syria is a 24 hour channel which provides information and sermons.

The information that it provides is relating to the capture of cities by its warriors. There are interviews of its fighters that are played out boasting about their achievement. To make matters gory, the ISIS also announces its beheading programmes on radio.

The ISIS however feels that the programmes need to be educational as well. It has appointed a set of clerics who preach about the ill-effects of homo sexuality.

Further anti smoking campaigns are also broadcast on these radio channels. However these programmes do not just end with sermons. It also sends out a stern warning to those who do not abide by the rules.

Listen or face 10 lashes:

The ISIS has made it compulsory for the people to listen to its channel. The ones who have been most affected are the taxi drivers. There are agents who check these cars regularly to find out if the ISIS radio is being played.

If it is found at any time that a channel other than the one broadcast by the ISIS is played, then the driver is handed out 10 lashes on the spot.

There is also a thorough check on smoking in ISIS dominated areas. Smoking is a strict no and punishment could range between lashes to beheading. The ISIS even went up to the extent of banning Pigeons in its areas as it was suspected that many were smuggling cigarettes with the help of these birds.

Areeb Majeed one of the youth from Kalyan in Maharasthra who had joined the ISIS only to return to India says during his questioning that cigarettes are a crime in ISIS land. He says that people are picked up and even beheaded if found with cigarettes on them.

Further he also says that there are many who smoke, but camouflage the same by applying a lot of perfume. There is regular checking in ISIS camps to track down the smokers, Majeed had also said.

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