ISIS propaganda: Majeed return to bomb police station in India

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New Delhi, Oct 2: In what seemed to be an attempt to clear the air about the fate of Indians in ISIS camps, a twitter account sympathetic to the terror group has put out a string of tweets debating claims by the Indian agencies.

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The twitter account @spamci17 says that Areeb Majeed had returned to India to carry out an attack on the police. Majeed was one of the four youth from Kalyan in Maharashtra who had left the country to join the ISIS.

ISIS: Majeed to bomb police station

However according to the Indian agencies such as the National Investigating Agency, Majeed was made to clean toilets and treated badly as a result of which he negotiated a return to India.

An attempt to change the perception:
The twitter handle @spamci17 also posted a photograph of Majeed posing with members of the ISIS. The handle further goes on to state that Majeed had returned to carry out a suicide attack on a police station.

The account states that Majeed was told that his sister was insulted by the police. This led him to return to India and carry out a suicide attack on a police station, the handle also states.

The handle further claims that Majeed was very happy with the ISIS. This tweet attempts to diminish reports that Majeed had begged for mercy with the Indian agencies and sought to return to India. Majeed had also claimed before the NIA that he was made to clean toilets and treated very badly as a result of which he wanted to return.

The handle also claims that Majeed had attempted four suicide strikes, but had to hold off. It however tries to drive across the point that Majeed had only returned to India to carry out a suicide strike on a police station in Maharashtra.

A bunch of lies says IB:
An officer with the Intelligence Bureau told OneIndia that these tweets are a desperate attempt to change the perception of the Indian Muslims. The Areeb Majeed story of cleaning toilets and being ill-treated generated a lot of negative impressions about the state of Indians in the ISIS camps or the Hind camps.

The Majeed story was an eye opener for many and due to this several Indian Muslims changed their minds about joining the ISIS. This handle which is sympathetic towards the ISIS is now making a desperate attempt to change the mindset of the people in India.

An NIA official also agreed with the IB officer. The officer says that Majeed was desperate to return as he had been treated badly. However we will ask him what he has to say about these tweets, the officer also informed.

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