ISIS prefers engineers, doctors from India, consider others as weaklings

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Hyderabad, May 24: The ISIS clearly does not want Indians in its fold when it comes to fighting a battle. What the ISIS prefers are an educated lot of youth who can contribute in promoting propaganda material and handling the social media for the outfit.

While analysing the 10 month old video which was released last week by a bunch of Indians part of the ISIS, it becomes clear that they were belting out message after message in a desperate attempt to ensure that they are heard.


Intelligence Bureau officials say that Indians are not preferred by the ISIS when it comes to battle. They lack endurance, brutality and guts.

Moreover, getting radicalised on the internet does not give them a ticket to hold a gun and enter the battle field in Syria or Iraq.

However, if the ISIS does find an educated youth such as an engineer, computer science graduate or a doctor, they are ready to rope them in.

A harsh reality for gullible fools:

Most of the Indian Muslims who have been radicalised on the web and have wanted to join the ISIS are nothing but gullible fools. They feel that the grass is green on the other side. The case of Areeb Majeed should be a case study for all those who are trying to join the ISIS.

Battered, bruised, scared and dejected he pleaded to return. It is a well known fact that he did nothing but clean toilets and utensils in the Hind camp of the ISIS. While on one hand they carry out menial jobs, there is one thing that satisfies them.

They are allowed to pose with a uniform and gun so that the image can be uploaded on the social media. This is more of an advertisement says the Intelligence Bureau official while also pointing out that most of them are not allowed into the battle field.

Moreover the ISIS feels it is a waste or time and their resources in training the Indian recruits as the failure rate is 90 per cent.

Commit a crime first:

The ISIS has also known to follow a method that most other terrorist groups follow. They would prefer if the recruit has committed a crime first in his home country. This was learnt during the investigations into the Paris and Belgium attacks.

When a person has committed a crime, then he gets stuck into that web and has no where to go. This would also ensure that a person does not return from an ISIS camp dejected.

He is basically stuck to the outfit and this would ensure that he would remain there. Such persons are trained and then sent back to their home country. These persons then execute attacks.

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